Printing Out Beautiful Wedding Invites

So you’ve decided to get hitched, and you’re wanting to pursue the most budget-friendly option available. In most cases, that means making your own wedding invitations, which is perfectly reasonable! Having the perfect custom invite “feel”, without the custom invitation price, is one of the often-overlooked aspects of a great do it yourself wedding! Unfortunately, the headaches that can come along with deciding to create and print your own invites can cause many couples to skip this option. For your research purposes, however, I’ve gone ahead and gone through the trouble of testing out a variety of different printing types, settings, and options, as well as different types of inks, to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your custom wedding invitations.


Starting off, it’s important to decide upon the proper printing machine and ink in order to not only be satisfied with the end results, but happy with the invitation’s colors and sheen on the finished product when it’s received! In general, most commonly-found printers are inkjet, and use a dye-based ink that soaks into the paper. These are the best for using on semi-gloss or glossed paper, because they will soak into the material and look brilliant. Unfortunately, the major downside to these common inks is that they tend to have a smaller lifespan than other ink types, such as pigment ink.

The special pigment-based inks that are typically more expensive than your average dye-based inks, don’t actually soak into the paper. They are held in a solution that stays and dries on the material’s surface instead of being absorbed directly into the paper.

It’s also vitally important that you choose the proper paper when printing out your own wedding invites. The right paper will just feel correct. In general, some good guidelines to follow include choosing a highly-durable paper which has a weight of 80 lbs. or more, as well as having the heft and general feel that you would want your invites to have. Depending on the type of ink you choose, you can also vary up the material of the invites – some fun and unique materials include linen, card stock, cotton rags, and any other fabrics you can think of! It can help to head to an office supply store or a local stationery store such as Hallmark to check out the various options you have.

If all else fails, you can call a high-quality printing company, that specializes in office technology, printing supplies, and document management, such as Cobb Technologies, to help give you some guidance on how to proceed.